A few months ago, I was diagnosed with AVN. Basically, my left hip bone is dying. Which makes me limp when the pain is at a certain level. I’m used to pain because of my medical condition, but this one hit differently. I can’t tie my boots. If I drop something on the floor, it’ll be more likely stay there or I have to use different stratagems to take it without having to duck. That’s how bad is it and I didn’t even explain the sitting part, trying to lay on my bed or even getting dressed or undressed. Anyway.

Today, I wanted to buy firm footwear for some events that I’m planning to attend this year. I was thinking flat shoes because I felt like it will be more comfortable and will accommodate my daily pain. I went to that store with my friend. We saw those classy, giving boss lady vibes heels and I try them on. I walked, danced with them and even though it wasn’t what I walk-in to buy. I was happy with my purchase cause I’m not planning to accommodate the pain, because you’ll not be staying in my body for a long time. So yes, to all the pleasures that I used to get; yes to the heels; yes to go back to the gym; yes to living my life as I want. Pain will be accommodated in this house.I’m not accommodating pain.

P.S: In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m seeing a doctor for that.